BL Lashes

BL eyelash extensions R-lash SPIKES

Special volume SPIKES for hybrid set and Kim K lashes style. The original Mink lashes from Blink Lash Stylist. Highest quality professional eyelash extensions for the best result and satisfied customers.

Deep black, soft and flexible with a beautiful sheen.

Curl: special R lash spikes

Thickness: 0.07

Shape: B

Length: 9 or 10 mm

Professional package: 12 lines.

Why BL Mink Lash Extensions?
Great ingredients make great products.
This is why we insist that our Classic Mink Lashes are made only from Korean PBT fiber?
A material remarkably consistent in properties such as ductility and elastic recovery.

As a result, mink lashes purchased from us make the most accurate colors and curls.
All mink extension lashes are robustly inspected by means of a 5 stage quality assurance process, which ensures that every Classic Mink Lash curls and tapers to perfection.
Working with a product as trustworthy and reliable as this leaves you to focus on your artistry.

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  • €14.00
  • - 65%
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