Nesura Eyelashes

20D/10D/5D/3D volume cluster eyelashes pre made fans, MIX/C/8-12 mm (240 pieces)

Huge set of pre made eyelash fans in a four thickness -20D, 10D, 5D and 3D in a one set. Plus each thickness has 3 sizes - 8, 10 and 12 mm, which allows You to create full set of eyelash extensions. Lightweight volume with black eyeliner line.

A must-have finishing touch to your professional make-up look. Suitable for home use as well.

Reusable with proper care - carefully remove after use and put back in the tray.

Suitable for contact lens wearers. Cruelty-free & vegan-friendly.

Curl: C
Thickness: 0.07 
Length: 8-10-12 mm in one mix tray
Color: black
Package: 240 clusters per tray

  • €18.50
  • €25.00
  • - 26%
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