HENNA Mehendi

100% natural HENNA Mehendi body tattoo, cone 30 g

Color: brown

100% natural and organic ingredients. Hand made in India.

Description: Body chemistry, temperature and location on the body have a lot to do with how dark the henna tattoo will be. The skin on hands and feet stains much darker than the softer skin on the upper arm or back. Henna stains are darkest during the first 7-10 days, and the color gradually fades.

Instructions: Clean the desired area. Apply the Henna by gently squeezing the henna cone while the design is made on the desired body area. Leave the paste for about 5-6 hours, leave on overnight for best results. Once the henna dries and cracks, carefully remove the Henna paste without using any liquid. Use a natural oil or butter to massage afterwards to moisten the area and leave it for an hour. After, wash the body area with warm water.

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